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April 2006


Ralph McInerny


Ex Cathedra

Shut Up, He Explained



It is a nice question whether Orwell's 1984 or Huxley's Brave New World was the most prescient depiction of what modern society has become. Better living through chemistry or Big Brother is watching you? The current invocation of "academic freedom" to plead for the staging of homosexual propaganda on Catholic campuses suggests that Orwell was nearer to the truth, particularly on the twisting of language. Politically incorrect speakers are regularly howled down on the nation's campuses yet "academic freedom" is piously invoked to corrupt the young.

Some years ago, my university summoned the courage to deny homosexuals the right to form a student club. Immediately thereafter a university committee was formed to study the matter. The result, a year or so later, was a document on homophobia. Sexual perversity now became the problem of calling it by its proper name. Or of disapproving of it in any way whatsoever. It had become a Christian obligation to accept and celebrate sodomy.

The Maritain Center put on a series of lectures by psychiatrists, theologians, recovered homosexuals, et al., in an effort to contribute to the discussion that was thought to be so urgently needed. Campus Ministry took out a full page ad in the student paper telling students to boycott the lectures. The greatest offense seemed to be regarding sodomy as a sin of which one might repent rather than some genetic given beyond one's choice or control. Ah well, reason has always been in short supply in what is laughingly called higher education. Man was born sinful and only truth can set him free.


Ralph McInerny