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Thomas International Center

Three-Year Program in Philosophical Studies

Sixth Course - Spring 2009
Philosophy in the Public Square: Debating Current Issues

First Class - Wednesday, January 28, 7:00pm

At the Family Research Council Building, 801 G Street, NW, Washington, D.C.

Law and Morality: What is the Legitimate Scope of Political Power Regarding Issues of “Personal Morality”?
(Christopher Wolfe)

Dear Friends,

Three years ago the Ralph McInerny Center started its six-course Program in Philosophical Studies. So here we are, about to begin the final class! The class will be on "Philosophy in the Public Square: Debating Current Issues." The specific topics and dates are listed below (though one remains to be confirmed).

Like the last several classes, it will be held at the Family Research Council at 801 G St NW, and will be on alternate Wednesday evenings, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. There will also be an informal dinner ahead of time at Fuddruckers, right around the corner at 734 7th St NW. (There is also some discussion of a post-class retreat to a nearby watering hole . . .)

The course costs $100 ($50 for students). Scholarships are available for those who cannot afford this fee. (We don't want anyone to forego attending simply for financial reasons.) I hope you are able to join us. We encourage you to invite your friends. Look forward to seeing you on January 28.

Chris Wolfe


Thomas International Chair in Public Philosophy

Ralph McInerny Center

Fulvio Di Blasi, President of Thomas International and Co-Director of the Ralph McInerny Center for Thomistic Studies, announced the establishment of the Thomas International Chair in Public Philosophy at the second annual Ralph McInerny Banquet in Washington DC on March 9, 2007. Christopher Wolfe, Co-Director of the RMC, will hold the first chair established by the Thomas International project.

The chair has been made possible by the financial commitment of an anonymous donor… The financial commitment for the chair totals more than a million dollars… READ MORE


Latest TI Publications


F. Di Blasi, John Finnis (Phronesis, Palermo, 2008)


F. Di Blasi, Paolo Heritier, La vitalità del diritto naturale (Phronesis, Palermo, 2008)


F. Di Blasi, J. Hochschild and J. Langan (eds.), Virtue's End: God in the Moral Philosophy of Aristotle and Aquinas (St. Augustine's Press, South Bend, 2007)


F. Di Blasi, J. Hochschild and J. Langan (eds.), Ethics Without God? The Divine in Contemporary Moral and Political Thought (St. Augustine's Press, South Bend, 2007)


The Philosophical Foundations of Human Dignity

Washington D. C. - March 8-10, 2007 - Program

The Army and Navy Club - 17th and I Streets, NW

TO EXAMINE THE QUESTIONS of the foundations of human dignity, the Ralph McInerny Center for Thomistic Studies will hold a conference March 8-10, 2007.
CONFIRMED SPEAKERS include Robert George (Princeton University) and Patrick Lee (Franciscan University), Jeremy Waldron (New York University Law School), William Hurlburt (Stanford University), Michael Pakaluk (Clark University), Fulvio Di Blasi (Centro Ricerche Tommaso D'Aquino), and John Tomasi (Brown University).


Washington D.C. - April, 2006



Ralph McInerny, Praeambula Fidei: Thomism And the God of the Philosophers (The Catholic University of America Press 2006)

Christopher Wolfe, Natural Law Liberalism (Cambridge University Press 2006)

Fulvio Di Blasi, God and the Natural Law: A Rereading of Thomas Aquinas (St. Augustine's Press 2006)


Reading of the Week

Aquinas on Divine Omnipotence
by Ralph McInerny

Three-Year Program in Philosophical Studies

Washington D.C. - McInerny Center office

STEP - St. Thomas
Education Project

Rediscovering the Roots of Western Culture and Civilization

The Concept of Law in Thomas Aquinas

Online Journal

Bioethical Issues - Questioni di Bioetica

New issue - September 2008


ZENIT - A New Center for Thomistic Studies

by Christopher Wolfe

First McInerny Banquet

In Honor of Ralph McInerny

by Michael Novak


First McInerny Banquet

Washington D.C. - 2006

Watch the video clips and the pictures


Europe: The Mirror of the Future

by Ralph McInerny

Maritain's Philosophy of the Sciences

by Yves Simon


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