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Treatise on Law




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STEP - St. Thomas Education Project


September 20-25, 2005

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 Universitat Internacional de Catalunya





Law and Liberty:

Ethics and Politics for the XXI Century






The relationship between law and human freedom is one of the most important issues in ethical theory. If rules and norms are just limits to the infinite possibilities of human action, our existence cannot but be frustrated both by the dictates of our conscience and by the necessary restrictions of life in community. The debate between the so called “virtue ethics,” on the one hand, and “natural law ethics,” on the other, has recently raised much interest in this topic. Do rules really limit human action and freedom? Is it possible to have authentic individual development in a community governed by laws? Is law conceptually opposed to happiness? Are there laws that should be respected everywhere by everybody? These are some of the questions that participants to the present conference have been asked to address.


The sessions of the conference will take place at the Barcelona campus of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. A special session will take place at the IESE Business School.




Campus Barcelona

c/ Inmaculada 22

08017 Barcelona
Tel: + 34 932 541 800

Fax: + 34 934 187 673




Special session at the IESE Business School

Barcelona Campus

Avenida Pearson, 21

08034 Barcelona Spain

telephone: (+34) 93 253 4200

fax: (+34) 93 253 4343


Title: “Business ethics and the paradoxes of happiness”




Call For Papers

Everybody is invited to submit 10/15-minute papers on the conference’s topic or, more generally, on topics related to STEP (see STEP’s opening page).

150-word abstracts can be sent until September 6th to the conference’s Scientific Coordinator (see below):

The authors of the best papers submitted for this conference will be awarded with free fly tickets and stays.



The languages of the the conferences are Spanish and English.



Registration Fee: 40 euros



Hotel Accommodation

Hotel Mikado***

Three minutes walking from UIC

Pso. Bonanova, 58

08907 Barcelona

Tel.: + 34 932 114 166

Web: www.dilos.com/hotel/2419;





Dr. David Lorenzo Izquierdo (Scientific Coordinator) - davidlorenzoes@yahoo.es