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Treatise on Law




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STEP - St. Thomas Education Project

Howard Bromberg, “Declaration of Independence In Thomist Law”

Lawrence Dewan, “St. Thomas and the Divine Origin of Law”

Fulvio Di Blasi, “Practical Syllogism, Proairesis, and the Virtues: Toward a Reconciliation of Virtue Ethics and Natural Law Ethics”

John Finnis, to be confirmed

Robert A. Gahl, to be confirmed

Robert P. George, “Kelsen and Aquinas on “the Natural-Law Doctrine”

Samuel Gregg, “The Concept of Human Dignity in the Thought of Thomas Aquinas”

Russell Hittinger, “Thomas Aquinas and the Rule of Law”

Ralph McInerny, to be confirmed

Christopher Wolfe, “Natural Law Liberalism and the Issues Facing Contemporary American Public Philosophy”

Michael Zuckert, “The Fullness of Being: Thomas Aquinas and the Modern Critique of Natural Law”


General Coordinator

Fulvio Di Blasi

National Coordinator for Hungary

Csaba Varga

National Coordinator for Spain

David Lorenzo